Angela Rago - Resume
Personal Information:

Hair: Brown                                                        Eyes: Brown                                         Height: 5'6''


SLEEPERS                                                         SHAKE'S MOTHER                             DDF Productions
ONE SIZE FITS ALL                                            Mrs. BEAVER                                      Lucky Dog Prod.
SCATHED                                                           LUZ                                                     Money House Prod.
THE TRIANGLE OF FIRE                                    GIULIA                                                Lucky Dog Prod.


BLUE SHIELD OF CALIFORNIA                          WIFE                                                  TAT USA
SUBWAY RESTAURANTS                                  STREET VENDOR                              SourceCommunications
ONE TOUCH                                                       LATINA WIFE                                     Clear Point
THE PRIEST                                                       HYSTERICAL MOTHER                      Oucha Staruss

Italian Theatre:

LE DUE ROSE                                                    ROSINA BOCCOLONE                       Filodrammatica
NOTTE D'AVVENTURA                                      SUSANNA                                           Filodrammatica
SARTO PER SIGNORA                                       ROSA PISETTE                                 Filodrammatica

Radio Commercials:

Performed in several productions of Italian Radio commercials and plays with the ICN Network in New York.

Voice Over:

Voice-over in Italian for the Children's Museum in New York, for Berkley Productions, the Discovery Channel and
various other commercial products.

Formal Education:

Born in Bari, Italy. Pursued Advanced Studies in Italian Literature - New York University, 1982-84. Bachelor of Arts -
Literature - Brooklyn College, 1982.

Acting Training:

Studied acting at the Filodrammatica in Italy and with Gary Austin in New York. Completed the Gene Teritone
Commercial Course.


Stand-up comedian, accomplished artist; great cook; fluent in English, Italian and Spanish;
Has written and directed extensively for the Italian - American theatre.
Member of: